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Hi, my name is Cody Frank I’m 32 years old and I am a prior weed smoker and prior alcohol addict. Throughout my adolescence and adulthood I’ve heard many people saying erroneous things about cannabis. So I wanted to share my story with addiction and my personal experience on how I managed to overcome my desires to smoke marijuana and quit on a whim.

When I was a heavy weed smoker, I had a hard time going a single day without a puff from the bong or pipe. Hell, within 1hr from waking up in the morning I was having a wake and bake session. Pretty soon, my tolerance for marijuana was so high I could barely feel the effects of it any more and decided to take a break.

I searched the internet and asked friends how they manage to go without marijuana. One of my friends mentioned this audio program that talks you through the steps to take. I said what the hell and gave it a try. I was able to easily stop smoking weed by using the techniques provided. WOW, I thought. I was able to stop for a month using the techniques and got my tolerance back to normal. From then on, whenever my tolerance got too high, I could use the steps of the program and take a tolerance break without any hiccups.

I used the steps to take a tolerance break for one month but didn’t feel the urge to smoke after that month so I am now on my second month from abstaining.