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stop-smoking-weed-cold-turkeyIf you’re a regular weed smoker, it’s likely that you’ve thought of quitting the habit at least once. 

Cannabis is a substance that’s getting harder to quit. Simply, it’s legal in most of the US states and the rest of the world is rapidly following in its footsteps. This means that it’s more socially acceptable than ever. Even if you don’t smoke anymore,  it’s likely that your friends do. The Benefits of quitting smoking weed definitely outweigh the harms of continuing.

There are plenty of good reasons why you should consider quitting smoking weed.


The Cannabis Smoker’s Habit

We already know that there’s almost no risk of physical addiction with weed in the same sense that there is with harder, much more physically addictive drugs like heroin; drugs like these have violent withdrawal symptoms, and treating them without medical help can often result in death.

Cannabis isn’t and can’t be physically addictive – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t addictive at all.

Mental addiction is still a thing, and it’s possible for any ritual or habit to become overused to the point of addiction. Weed is included, and so is gambling and World of Warcraft.

Sure, there are plenty of arguments for the benefits of cannabis, but it can become an issue.

  • If it’s interfering with your ability to work, it’s bad.
  • If it’s interfering with your ability to live your life, it’s bad.
  • If it’s getting in the way of your cognitive ability and you feel yourself slipping, it’s bad.
  • If you’re blowing off human interaction to smoke weed instead, it’s bad.

Following are benefits of quitting smoking weed.

Reasons to Take a Break – Benefits of Stopping Smoking Weed 

Breaking a psychological addiction that has become a problem isn’t the only reason why you might want to consider quitting smoking weed. Here are some other good reasons why you might want to consider taking a long-term break from toking – or quitting the habit entirely.

infographic-the benefits of quitting smoking weed

  • Budget


Most stoners know that you can pay a few hundred dollars for just a small amount of proper herb; whether you’re doing it a few times per week or a few times every other day, it can be a huge knock to your budget when you have to put aside a few hundred per week just for this. Could you be using the money better? Probably. You could even save up when your cash isn’t going up in smoke.



  • Mental Alertness


Weed gets you buzzed – and that’s a huge part of the reason why people do it in the first place. But if you smoke too much of it, then you might start to feel your mental alertness going downhill – and you might find that your short-term memory is pretty much shot. No, this isn’t permanent – it’s a common consequence of long-term cannabis smoking, and quitting the habit is usually enough to make your memory return in full swing.

  • No Paranoia

A common side effect of smoking weed is paranoia. This side-effect is almost inevitable if you’re a long-term smoker. While many people will just try to switch up their strains to see if this has any effect, this just doesn’t work for some and the paranoia might just remain – or even increase. Quitting weed can see this paranoia disappear almost overnight.



  • A Clear Respiratory System


Long-term smoking is bad, whether we’re talking about tobacco, weed, or weed mixed with tobacco. Your lungs should feel the effect even after as little as two to five years of being a smoker. The damage that smoking does to your throat and lungs can be reversed, but only if you stop smoking early on. If you develop a sudden cough in the morning, it’s almost a sure sign of impending lung problems related to smoking – that’s why it’s called the smoker’s cough.



  • Medication Interference


Some people choose to quit smoking weed because of a sudden need to take medications that cannabis might clash with; there aren’t many medications that do this, but weed tends to affect the liver – and any medications that are subsequently metabolised by the liver might have their effectiveness lowered by smoking weed at the same time. For example, people after liver transplants are especially advised to avoid smoking.

Hopefully you have seen the benefits of quitting smoking weed and can apply yourself to take a break.

If You’re Serious:

If you’re really serious about losing your regular pot smoking habit, check out this review of Cannabis Coach here from someone who spent a whole 62 days clean and counting after taking the course.