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thinking-about-best-ways-to-quit-smoking-weedCannabis is taking over, and you can’t go to a party or function without running into someone who smokes. Everyone knows at least someone who’s a pretty big stoner and can’t sit through one conversation without talking about weed or excusing themselves to light one up – and sometimes this person is you.

Even though cannabis isn’t physically addictive like other drugs, you can still become psychologically addicted to weed. If you’re used to smoking several joints per day and can’t get through as much as a week without having to get stoned, then it’s likely that you’re psychologically addicted yourself.

There are many excellent reasons why you should choose to kick the habit. It’s likely that you’ll have considered some of these reasons for yourself by now, and we can even say that you will have probably tried to quit weed yourself before – but only might have managed to get a few days or weeks in before you started smoking again.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to quit, good for you! That’s step one.

But it’s about more than just deciding to quit weed and tossing your stash out the window. You also have to put in some real, practical work if you want your weed habit to become something of the past. It’s not as hard as you think.

Here are some real, practical ways to quit smoking weed for when you’ve decided that it’s time.

Why Quit?

There are many excellent reasons why you should quit weed.

If you still want to smoke occasionally, that’s fine – and nobody’s going to stop you from doing it. Long-term smokers often develop a characteristic tolerance that means they can’t get high no matter how much they smoke, and sometimes taking a “tolerance break” can be for your own benefit.

There are other reasons, too. Your budget, for one: Smoking weed is pretty expensive, and if that’s taken over so many aspects of your life then we can almost guarantee that you’re spending too much money on the habit.

Your health is another good reason to quit. Are you coughing more than you should, or do you feel like you ran a marathon when all you did was walk up the stairs?

It’s time to give it up.

Here’s the best ways to quit smoking weed.

1. Replacing the Cravings

One of the hardest things for people who have decided to quit anything, whether we’re talking about gambling, pizza, video games, sex, cigarettes or weed will be dealing with the cravings.

Understand that smoking weed has become part of your regular routine over time. You might have certain things that tend to go with getting high. The first step to breaking the habit will be to break this habit. Break habitual smoking, and find something else to do when your weed cravings start to kick in.

Find something healthy to replace it with.

2. Finding Another Culture

As someone who smokes weed a lot of the time, it’s normal that your friends do too – but this can become a huge problem if you’re trying to quit. You can’t quit weed if you’re surrounded by second hand smoke, and it’s going to be pretty hard if you keep talking about weed all the time anyway.

It’s true that if and when you quit, you might lose some friends in the process – and you might find out that some people were dealers instead of friends. But that’s just fine.

Real friends are the ones who stick around.

Of course, you might also have to toss some of your movie collection if you have a whole collection that’s focused around stoner movies.

3. Audio Programs

There are thousands of supposed quitting programs out there, but not a lot of them work when you want to kick the habit. Some of them are worth your money, though. An audio course allows you to feel like you’re going step-by-step when you’re walked through the entire step of the way, and if you combine it with some of the other techniques to quit, it makes the entire process easier.

The best audio programs focus on the right stuff: Why you need to quit, and what you can do to ease your way into the process. Here’s one of the best online programs around if you’d like to know how you can quit weed. You can see my success story with this program here.

4. Supplements

There are a few supplements I could find on Amazon that claim to help quit smoking weed. These claim that they boost your serotonin levels back to normal and reduce cravings.