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How to Stop smoking weed with these alternatives you can do at home.

How to Stop smoking weed with these alternatives you can do at home.

Your mind is made. Now, how to stop smoking weed for good?

alternatives-to-smoking-weedYour lungs may be hurting, you may have a cough. Why is this happening to you? You may be smoking too much weed.

Stopping the inhalation of combusted cannabis may not be the easiest task for the frequent smoker. Don’t worry, it is not impossible to quit smoking weed.

It is actually quite simple if you use a few simple techniques. These include but are not limited to cooking, vaporizing or removal of all your paraphernalia.

Get rid of the things that remind you of it.

One good technique to stop smoking weed is to sell, give, or throw away all of your smoking devices so that it is no longer easy to access. The most definite way to prevent yourself from smoking is to actually get rid of or dispose of the pipe, papers, blunts, bongs, and ash trays. These are the items that you posses to make it easier for you to smoke weed. If you remove all of these items, it will be less easy for you to smoke weed. It will be out of sight out of mind.

Not having your smoking devices could be a figurative reminder that you are trying to stop smoking weed. By completely being rid of all smoking devices, you will be one step closer to ending your habit of smoking weed. This technique gives you one less reason to smoke weed.

If You’re Serious About Stopping:

If you’re really serious about losing your regular pot smoking habit, check out this review of Cannabis Coach here from someone who spent a whole 62 days clean and counting after taking the course.

You can stop smoking weed and Vaporize weed instead!

It is quite simple to vaporize dry herb or vape a liquid containing extracted cannabinoids through a vape pen. Both of these ways are a much healthier and less harsh on the throat and lungs. By vaporizing, you can really taste the terpenes and inhale a smooth clean hit.

Eat it instead!

marijuana-edibles- stop smoking weedAnother way to stop smoking weed is to begin to ingest the weed without smoking it. By cooking the herb into your food, this can be accomplished. By ingesting the weed through your digestive tract, weed will become less detrimental to your physical well-being. To get started cooking with cannabis, you will need to infuse the cannabis with butter to make cannabutter.

Here is a good start to making cannabutter.

Weed’s active ingredient, THC, is fat soluble, and all it takes is heating your weed in a little bit of oil to capture the active ingredient. Strain the weed from the oil and use the oil in a food. This idea is good even for those who do want to stop using marijuana altogether. If you slowly transition your body out of inhaling smoke by still ingesting it through your stomach, it will be easier to just stop consuming weed when you are finally ready to stop using.

Use Tincture

Tinctures are alcohol based cannabis extract. You squeeze some out under your tongue and then feel your problems melt away. This is one of the least harmful ways on your body to consume cannabis. The effects may take some time to sink in, not as fast as smoking, but enjoyable nonetheless.

It will still be up to you to stay in control and avoid finding reasons you think you should smoke, but by completing these simple tasks and techniques, you will be on your way to stop smoking weed.

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Stop smoking weed: overcoming your psychological dependence.

There are many reasons that you may want to stop smoking weed, besides the fact that, in many places, it is not legal. Many workplaces do drug testing, and will not hire anyone with marijuana in their system. You might not like the way it makes you feel any more. You may have to stop smoking weed because you can no longer afford to buy it. Whatever your reason, the way to quit is to understand the addiction.

It is a social driven drug which is why it’s so hard to quit.

Weed is a social drug, so it makes sense that many people can not bring themselves to stop due to peer pressure. Many weed smokers maintain that weed is not addictive and, in some ways, they are correct. Marijuana is not physically addictive. It is, however, mentally addictive, which means that although you may not physically need it, you will very much want it. Symptoms of withdrawal include insomnia, anxiety, and vivid dreams. None of these are nearly as bad as the withdrawal symptoms from cigarettes so, whatever you do, do not use cigarettes as a crutch to stop smoking weed! Many people do this and find themselves in much worse situations because of it.

Come to terms with your personal identity.

Come to grips with the fact that you are going to want the drug, and see if you can figure out why. To most people that smoke weed, it is part of their sense of identity. They see themselves as a weed smoker first, and anything else second. To combat this, consider the reason you want to quit. Develop a sense of identity around that reason, and focus on it. Is it a job opportunity? Develop a sense of identity around the job, which obviously would include not smoking weed.

If you are serious about quitting.

If you are truly serious about losing your pot smoking habit, I highly recommend you check out my review of Cannabis Coach here. I am now 62 days clean which is the longest I have ever gone without taking a hit. So it definitely works.

Are you wanting to smoke because others are pressuring you, or acting like you are silly or stupid for trying to quit? Remind yourself that you are quitting for yourself, not them. If they cannot respect that, it may be time to find new friends. Explain to them that what they think and say have no bearing on your reasons for wanting to quit. If you feel comfortable, explain to them why you want to quit. If not, don’t.

Like so many things in life, quitting weed requires a little bit of self discovery, and a lot of self restraint. If you really want it, though, you can do it.

Stop Smoking Weed Cold Turkey With These Tips.

Stop Smoking Weed Cold Turkey With These Tips.

stop-smoking-weed-cold-turkeyThe smoke from weed can be harsh on the throat and lungs, inciting coughing spells and throat irritations.

To stop smoking weed cold turkey for the frequent user may not always be easy. It is even harder for those who truly enjoy smoking weed.

Don’t worry though, smoking weed does not cause physical dependence and it is not impossible to stop smoking weed.

Have a friend that will see you through.

One successful way to stop smoking weed cold turkey is to talk to a friend about it. Ask the friend if they would be willing to help you while you try to stop smoking weed. There are various ways they can help you. They can begin by hiding your stash from you and regulating the intervals which you smoke. At first, you should try to avoid smoking in the morning. This is because many people are mentally addicted to the feeling of being high. If you can teach your mind to enjoy the beginning of the day without weed, you will be one step closer to controlling your urges to smoke weed.

You and your friend should analyze how often you smoke, and try to cut back for the first two weeks. After the first week, your mind will be more accepting. It is not stoned because it will not be so use to it.

Usually, the reason people have trouble trying to stop smoking weed cold turkey is because they are so use to the feeling. Their mind thinks being stoned is normal. Teach your mind to accept and enjoy being sober so that you will not be so tempted to smoke weed. It will be up to you to gradually decrease the amount of weed you smoke each week until you no longer smoke. Here is a doctor’s guide to cutting down

If you really want to stop smoking weed cold turkey.

If you are truly serious about losing your pot smoking habit or taking a break, I highly recommend you check out my review of Cannabis Coach here. I am now 62 days clean (as of writing this) which is the longest I have ever gone without taking a hit. So it definitely works.

Keeping track of what you do is also crucial.

Another useful way to quit smoking weed cold turkey is to keep track of your purchases. Estimate how much money you spend each week on weed, and try to cut that amount in half. Each week, plan to spend less and less on weed. Buy yourself some items that will not disappear after you use them. By gaining valuable items such as jewelry, clothes, and movies, you will appreciate the value of your money more and you won’t be as willing to spend it on weed. Gradually spend less and less on weed until you no longer waste money on it.


Looking for more? Check out the benefits of stopping smoking weed here.

Cannabis Coach  – How I quit my pot smoking habit.

Cannabis Coach – How I quit my pot smoking habit.

Hello there.

Cody Frank here and I want to teach you how I was finally able to kick my pot addiction. But first, let me tell you a little about myself. I had been an avid pot smoker for over 10 years and smoked daily. I would occasionally get these ideas that I should stop smoking pot because it was pretty much taking over my life…but I could never make myself do it.

Even holding out for 24 hours was pretty difficult for me. It may sound pathetic, but I was never able to go more than 7 days without breaking. And when I started smoking again, it was like my cravings were back with a vengeance and that I had to ‘make up’ for the time I missed smoking.


I had pretty much given up on the idea of being free of my weed addiction…

No matter how hard I tried, I was always back to where I left off within a few days. I had a friend who used to be a huge pot head so I asked him how he was able to quit. After he told me his story, which was pretty much identical to mine, he said that what really helped him was this program called Cannabis Coach that he downloaded off the internet.


Cannabis Coach…worth it or waste?

Long story short, the Cannabis Coach program worked for me. It did take some time for me to finally practice what they teach you, but once I was actually doing it, it got easier and easier as each day went on. They teach some really clever techniques to kill the cravings, how to handle a relapse, and how to ween yourself off of weed.

One of the places I went wrong was that I tried to stop cold turkey…that is not the best way to do it. I like to look at Cannabis Coach as a low shock treatment to stop your weed smoking for good. You don’t need to dramatically alter your life to get this to work…just work on your habit one day at a time.

If you want to stop smoking weed, even for just a month to boost your tolerance, I highly recommend you buy Cannabis Coach here. You won’t regret it.

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