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Your mind is made. Now, how to stop smoking weed for good?

alternatives-to-smoking-weedYour lungs may be hurting, you may have a cough. Why is this happening to you? You may be smoking too much weed.

Stopping the inhalation of combusted cannabis may not be the easiest task for the frequent smoker. Don’t worry, it is not impossible to quit smoking weed.

It is actually quite simple if you use a few simple techniques. These include but are not limited to cooking, vaporizing or removal of all your paraphernalia.

Get rid of the things that remind you of it.

One good technique to stop smoking weed is to sell, give, or throw away all of your smoking devices so that it is no longer easy to access. The most definite way to prevent yourself from smoking is to actually get rid of or dispose of the pipe, papers, blunts, bongs, and ash trays. These are the items that you posses to make it easier for you to smoke weed. If you remove all of these items, it will be less easy for you to smoke weed. It will be out of sight out of mind.

Not having your smoking devices could be a figurative reminder that you are trying to stop smoking weed. By completely being rid of all smoking devices, you will be one step closer to ending your habit of smoking weed. This technique gives you one less reason to smoke weed.

If You’re Serious About Stopping:

If you’re really serious about losing your regular pot smoking habit, check out this review of Cannabis Coach here from someone who spent a whole 62 days clean and counting after taking the course.

You can stop smoking weed and Vaporize weed instead!

It is quite simple to vaporize dry herb or vape a liquid containing extracted cannabinoids through a vape pen. Both of these ways are a much healthier and less harsh on the throat and lungs. By vaporizing, you can really taste the terpenes and inhale a smooth clean hit.

Eat it instead!

marijuana-edibles- stop smoking weedAnother way to stop smoking weed is to begin to ingest the weed without smoking it. By cooking the herb into your food, this can be accomplished. By ingesting the weed through your digestive tract, weed will become less detrimental to your physical well-being. To get started cooking with cannabis, you will need to infuse the cannabis with butter to make cannabutter.

Here is a good start to making cannabutter.

Weed’s active ingredient, THC, is fat soluble, and all it takes is heating your weed in a little bit of oil to capture the active ingredient. Strain the weed from the oil and use the oil in a food. This idea is good even for those who do want to stop using marijuana altogether. If you slowly transition your body out of inhaling smoke by still ingesting it through your stomach, it will be easier to just stop consuming weed when you are finally ready to stop using.

Use Tincture

Tinctures are alcohol based cannabis extract. You squeeze some out under your tongue and then feel your problems melt away. This is one of the least harmful ways on your body to consume cannabis. The effects may take some time to sink in, not as fast as smoking, but enjoyable nonetheless.

It will still be up to you to stay in control and avoid finding reasons you think you should smoke, but by completing these simple tasks and techniques, you will be on your way to stop smoking weed.