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Weed is everywhere. Since it’s been legalized in most of the United States, you can’t go out to a bar or party without catching a strong whiff of weed – and everyone knows at least one person who is a die-hard stoner and stoned out of their minds at least most of the time.

There are many good reasons why you should decide to quit weed. It’s better for your health than you might think, and you’ll find that your brain fog disappears almost overnight when you’ve quit smoking.

Most people have thought of quitting the habit at least once, but not everyone has the determination to stop. If you’re not convinced yet, then take a look at the proven benefits of what can happen to your body when you stop smoking weed.

Here’s what quitting your cannabis addiction can do for your body, and just how you can do it.

Is Weed Taking Over Your Life?

Is weed taking over your life?

If you can’t go a day without thinking about weed, the answer is yes. It starts with just one drag on a joint, and before you know it you’re smoking several per day and you can’t get on with you day unless you’re baked.

You might start to lose interest in anything if you’re not stoned, including music, movies, friends and food. If you can’t be stoned while you do it, why would you bother? This is one of the first signs that you might need to kick the habit.

Weed can also be a huge knock to your wallet. Put together how much you’ve paid for weed in the average week – and then ask yourself if there’s anything more important that you could have done with the money. The answer is almost always yes, right?

Simply, if weed is more important than everything else is in your life, then you should consider quitting the habit and getting it over with – and Cannabis Coach can help you do it.


So what happens to your body after you stop using marijuana?


Mental Changes: You’ll get your mental sharpness back.

Brain fog and short-term memory loss are characteristic of people who have spent a lot of time smoking weed. If this is happening to you and you’d like to get your mental sharpness back, take a tolerance break – or stop smoking entirely. It’ll take just a few days to a few weeks for your thoughts to recover.

Mental Changes: Everything will feel great again.

Once you stop smoking weed, you can stop thinking about it – and you’ll notice that you have a lot of time for thinking about the things that matter instead of just getting stoned.

Physical Changes: Your lungs will heal.

Whether you’re smoking weed or cigarettes, it causes some serious damage to your lungs in the long-run. If smoking weed has become a problem for you and you’ve developed the characteristic morning cough, then the only way to stop this is to quit smoking.

Physical Changes: You’ll work better.

Weed can take away physical pain, but it can also keep you from feeling your legs – or getting out of bed to do anything useful. If you’ve been smoking too much weed, it’s’ likely that you’ve been slacking off. If you kick the habit, you can get right back to doing what you do.

Why You Should Quit Smoking Pot.

There’s an old joke that says, how do you know someone smokes weed? Because they’ll tell you.

This is an excellent illustration of why you should consider quitting weed – and actually follow through with your plans this time. Most people think of quitting as a passing thought and get right back to smoking another joint, but what it you actually quit this time?

If you’ve already developed the characteristic morning cough that comes with smoking a lot of weed or cigarettes, then it could mean that it’s already started to cause damage to your lungs. If you want to improve your health, quit smoking weed. Your health can only get better from there.

If you find yourself getting bored by the constant obsession surrounding cannabis culture, then you should also consider quitting weed. Sure, it means that some of your friends might find it weird that you’ve stopped smoking – but that’s their loss.

There are plenty positive physical and mental changes that go along with managing to stop smoking weed. Here’s just some of the physical and mental changes that your body will go through if you make the choice to quit smoking weed.

If You’re Serious About Stopping:

If you’re really serious about losing your regular pot smoking habit, check out this review of Cannabis Coach here from someone who spent a whole 62 days clean and counting after taking the course.